Karma at Work

It happens this way …

Back in the early ‘70s when I was a Sister of Mercy teaching English at Mt. St. Mary’s Academy in Watchung, NJ, I met the most extraordinary teens who have grown up to be the most extraordinary women.

Thanks to Facebook, I’ve reconnected with a number of them and thrill to see their family photos and hear about their accomplishments. All of them have traveled far from those learning days on the hill, and it’s inspiring to see where they’ve landed.

One of the many talented young women I taught was a precocious “beyond-the-box” creative I reconnected with a few months ago. Rhonda Fabian is now the editor of Kosmos Quarterly, journal for global transformation, the online version of Kosmos Journal which celebrated 17 years as a print publication.

Kosmos header

This publication is amazing in many ways. Its mission:

To inform, inspire and engage individual and collective participation for global transformation in harmony with all Life. We do this by sharing transformational thinking and policy initiatives, aesthetic beauty and collective wisdom, local to global.

Each issue will have a central theme – this quarter it was “unlearning together – and an editorial circle of writers, artists, musicians, educators, technologists, videographers, healers, philosophers, visionaries, and activists from around the globe. As the themes and editorial circles change, so do the voices and visions of the journal.

An opportunity

A few months ago, Rhonda asked me to send some poems for the Quarterly because she wanted to add this genre to the publication. After she accepted them, she invited me to be her poetry editor. A no-brainer!

When the first issue comes out today, Kosmos Quarterly will have its first poetry section with work by local poets Andrea Hollander, Tricia Knoll, and me; New Mexico poet Anne Haven McDonnell, California poet Larry Robinson, and Brooklyn-based performance artists, Climbing PoeTree. You can hear Anne, ClimbingPoeTree, and me read our work.

Kosmos Quarterly is a subscription-based publication, but Rhonda has generously set up a sliding scale – from $0 to $60 ­– so everyone can afford it. If the journal’s not for you, try the newsletter and podcasts. I  know you will be as inspired by the beauty, passion, and intelligence of the contributors as I am.

The lesson: Be good to your students, employees, kids, neighbors. You never know how or when they’ll impact your life in the future.












  1. This is so totally cool!
    I’m glad to hear Rhonda is accomplishing so much, but I’m not the least surprised. She had a VERY inspirational English teacher!
    Can’t wait to read the Quarterly.
    Rock on, Sistah!

    Liked by 1 person


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