The Maui Diaries, Part 7

It happens this way …

Hula and ukulele: can you get more Hawaiian than that? Over the years, Kathy has enjoyed taking hula lessons from one of the premier kumu hula teachers on the island. This master of the art form comes to the resort every Tuesday to give free lessons to groups that range from three-year-olds to honored senior citizens.



Not only did Kathy jam with several ukulele groups in the area, she was even a substitute teacher at the resort on June 2. The scheduled teacher had to be away and she stepped in. He had lent her a uke to use during our stay and would come early to his lessons and stay late so they could play together. Indeed, they were both teachers and students.nd time playing together and were teachers and students in the process.DSC08188

And in conclusion …

Whenever I arrive on this island, the beauty is so overwhelming that I start to cry. It goes right through my heart and soul and surrounds me every day. Needless to say, when we leave, I cry, too. However, this time I had an epiphany: beauty is everywhere and, while Maui’s is unique, there is so much beauty in my home world. My garden, my friends and neighbors, my poetry pals, my new students at Happy Valley Library are magical, too. I’ll let their beauty swim through me until we return to this island next May.


PS: Couldn’t resist: our last sunset on June 3, 2019.



  1. Excellent photos to match your fun adventures! Thanks for sharing. It’s been too many years since my wonderful times in Hawaii. Be well, and yes, Beauty is everywhere 🌸
    Michelle Frost



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