The East Coast Diaries, Part III

It happens this way …

If you thought we were finished on Monday, July 1, you would be so wrong! We discovered that the new Museum of the American Revolution was free, so we moseyed over there at 5 p.m. only to be informed that all free tickets were gone. Playing rebels ourselves, we were not daunted. We were invited to watch a 15-minute documentary about the Revolution as a consolation prize but, when it was over, we joined lines of people heading up the stairs to the exhibits. George Washington would have been very proud of our prowess! And four cheers for New Jersey and its role in the war.

As we stood at the exhibit in the bottom right photo, we met a beautiful young Haitian woman who teaches history here in Philadelphia. She enlightened us. “We are not responsible for the past, but we are for the present.” I needed to hear that. She also told us of the important role Haitians played in helping the colonists’ cause. Where is that in any history book?


And we weren’t finished yet! An evening stroll led us to the Chinese Lantern Festival a few blocks from our hotel. What a perfect way to end an extraordinary day!


Finally,  off to bed!


  1. My niece Mandi and her new husband Daniel have been in South Korea for about a month. They too went to a lantern festival and were mesmerized by the beauty. Simplicity in a complex form. Taking in what God gave us and capsulizing the beauty for all to see!

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