The East Coast Diaries, Part VIII

It happens this way …

July 5: We left Philly for a final visit with my mom and a delightful lunch with my Mount student Ampy Pikarsky (’72) and her incredible husband Jeff. We landed back at the Mount to rejuvenate and spend time with old friends.


The House of Prayer


Mt. St. Mary Motherhouse and Academy


Me and Sister Maria


Kathy and Sister Maria


Sister Mary Jo (left) drove us down the Garden State Parkway to Bradley Beach to visit with Sisters  Rosemary, Janice…


… Kathy with Sister Eileen


… Sister Linda with Molly

Tuesday, July 9: We woke to the cloudy, cool weather of Clackamas and the abundant colors of early July. More blooms to come! There’s no place like home –except in all those places where people make you feel at home. Thanks, New Jersey and Philadelphia!


  1. Thank you Carolyn, for taking me on this mini vacation. It was lovely and your friends are wonderful. How long we’ve heard ‘There’s no place like home’ and traveling with you I got the best of both worlds. Thank you for doing the ‘driving.’

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