The East Coast Diaries, Part VII

It happens this way …

The 4th of July in Philadelphia where it all started! My Mount student Rhonda Fabian (’75) and her husband Jerry met us for front row seats at the parade and a special lunch at the City Tavern. Paul Revere arrived at the Tavern in May 1774 to announce Parliament’s closing the port of Boston. The next day, two to three hundred prominent Philadelphians meet at City Tavern to select a committee of correspondence to draft a letter of sympathy for Revere to take back to Boston.


Leaving Rhonda and Jerry, Kathy and I stopped at another incredible museum: the National Museum of American Jewish History (

national-museum-of-american (1)


Shall we send Washington’s words to D.C.?

We took an evening stroll to see the Liberty Bell at night and meet another re-enactor. Then up on the roof of our hotel’s parking garage for the fireworks from Penn’s Landing.

What an unforgetable four days in the City of Brotherly Love! I learned so much about the fragility of our “American experiment.” What vision the Founders had and we’re still trying to figure out how to make it real. I have a fantasy that all elected officials should be required to spend a week in Philadelphia studying the intent of the people who died to create a new world order based on equality. I filled up with tears every time I read or saw: “We hold these truths ….” They were “self-evident” in 1776. May they become self-evident again in our time.