Springing with gratitude


It happens this way …

Wednesday night’s reading at the Ledding Library Pond House was a poet’s dream. Tom Hogan and Emmett Wheatfall are warm, welcoming hosts who work hard with their committee and the City of Milwaukie to bring poets into their charming space and make them feel like Pulitzer Prize winners.

And then there is the audience. Some poetry lovers are there at every reading; others arrive to support a poet/friend. Whatever the reason, they fill the space with support, acceptance, and love.

That was my experience on Wednesday as I launched A Penchant for Masquerades. Since I had never read most of the poems I selected for this program, I had no idea how they would be received. From the moment I started, I knew whatever I read would be all right with the standing-room-only folks who smiled at me with encouragement. One thing I learned years ago as a business trainer  was to focus on someone in the audience who seems open and engaged. No matter where I looked on Wednesday night, there was a “someone” beaming at me. You know who you are — and I am so grateful.

If you couldn’t make it to the Pond House, I’m reading at the Thurman Library on April Fool’s Day.

Then on April 3, 10, and 17, I’m leading a series of free poetry workshops at the Happy Valley Library. Seating is limited, so call the library today to register.

Thank you, dear readers and friends, again and again and again.