The Maui Diaries, Part 4

It happens this way …

May 19, 2019

To the south of Kihei is an exclusive area known as Wailea. Country clubs with their expansive golf courses, multi-million dollar houses and condos, high-end retail stores, and magnificent hotels are its hallmarks. There are a few hotels you can sneak into to enjoy their well-manicured landscapes outside and their art collections inside. Two such places are a photographer’s delight.

The Grand Wailea sports an ocean walk that takes you past a wedding chapel surrounded by a pond. We were able to get inside one night and see its beautiful stained glass windows.


May 30, 2019

Then farther south, we strolled around the Fairmont and acted as if we owned the place. Outside and inside it was a visual delight. The wood carvings are by the world-famous sculptor and painter, Dale Zarrella.